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“All About Eggs” is an exciting new interactive video conference event focusing on science and sustainability. The event has been extremely popular. Last week 9 schools from across Australia registered and over 200 kindergarten students learned where their food and fibre comes from through fun and engaging curriculum-linked modules. Students were mesmerised as fluffy 2-3 day old chicks appeared on their screens.

The purpose of these events is to create links between primary producers and children and to increase the students’ knowledge of how food arrives on their table. During the video conference event students learned about the places where people live and belong. They learned about children living on farms and the important daily roles they play. Using fun, hands-on interactive whiteboard games they were able to identify familiar features on a farm and why egg farms are important to people. The video conference event has captivated young learners.

Melissa Moore, from Kimberlin Education has led these events for Kindergarten and Year 1 students with further events planned up to Year 6. She displayed, for instance, a collection of eggs from different birds including an emu. She also showed the students an incubator with different types of chickens. Using a range of technologies to engage students, she used a document camera to focus on specific features of the chicks. She shared digital learning content with all the schools via their interactive white boards opening, for example a quiz on their IWBs and providing the opportunity for each school to answer questions. By providing such high quality digital learning content on-line teachers are able to follow up after the video conferencing events and students can access the resources from home.

Throughout the video conference the interactions were powerful. The students were very keen asking high level questions, responding appropriately to the quizzes and demonstrating their familiarity with the technology and VC protocols.

The benefit of video conferencing with schools in this way is that it enables content providers to interact with so many schools across Australia extending their reach to larger numbers of students. Organisations using a “face to face“ model, would not be able to interact with so many schools in just one hour.

To find out more or to participate in this event register here: https://www.seeshareshape.com.au/share/VC/virtualexcursions.aspx


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