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The Makers Empire Australian Learning Program held a video conference event with teachers from 4 Australian schools.The event was designed to increase the knowledge of teachers about the use of 3D printing and creating 3D objects. The Makers Empire Australian Learning Program http://makersempire.com/ was launched in July.

Internationally schools are interested in using 3D printers. Recently South Korea announced that it will provide 3D printers to its 5800 schools. Many schools in Australia have already purchased 3D printers but sometimes students do not have the skills to utilise CAD systems and to design for 3D. Makers Empire has solved this problem for schools by creating an App that even very young students can use to design in 3D and produce the results of their creativity and innovation using a 3D printer. Makers Empire has worked in schools such North Adelaide Primary school and Westminster Preparatory school where the students were able to learn about the design process from concept to production.

The team has built an entire learning program for schools which includes:
• Makers Empire 3D design software
• Lessons plans aligned to the Australian Curriculum for years F-7.
• A teachers’ portal for teachers to see students work and download models
• On-line resources,
• Instruction manuals and FAQs.

Lapman Leung and Jon Soong from the Makers Empire Team presented to schools via video conference from ELECTROBOARD’s St Leonards Office. Teachers from Victoria and NSW schools were fascinated to understand all aspects of 3D printing and to see how students could undertake this design program in their classrooms.
Supported by ELECTROBOARD’s Education Consultant Lizzie Cooper, Makers Empire used a range of technologies including a document camera to focus on the models students have created using the App and a 3D printer.

Using video conferencing technology in this way the Makers Empire Team were able to reach more teachers across Australia and spread the knowledge of this outstanding resource. The Makers Empire Team is based in South Australia and will be able to use the ELECTROBOARD office in Adelaide to deliver future video conferences.

Look for more exciting opportunities like this on our Video Conference Events Calendar https://www.seeshareshape.com.au/share/VC/virtualexcursions.aspx


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