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Marking, marking, marking…

Piles of work to grade can be the unhappy cherry-on-top of a very busy day for many teachers.  Here’s a quick guide for using interactive technology in peer and self-marking:

Share Google Docs (or Sheets, Forms, Slides, etc.)

This one almost goes without saying – we can use the power of immediate information sharing to allow students to instantly comment on each other’s work.  A quick review of marking etiquette might be helpful – remind students what constructive criticism looks like and adopt the “compliment sandwich” technique if necessary, where students give two positive comments for every criticism.

Use Prowise Presenter

Presenter’s building blocks allow you to create a self-marking activity, where touching an object or answer will give the student immediate feedback in the form of a green (correct) or red (incorrect) object border and corresponding sound.

This technique works well with early learners and in subjects with clear answers, including mathematics and geography.

prowise 004.JPG

Assign a Project

Ask your students to create interactive quizzes and activities for other students.  Before you know it, you’ll have 25 tasks ready to go.

This idea works particularly well during exam revision time, where kids can revise by creating a quiz.

Giving students more responsibility for their learning helps them to develop independent thinking and personal motivation.  You’ll also be teaching yourself to work smarter, not harder!


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