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Preservice Teachers Create Literacy Lessons with Prowise



Thanks to Harper Collins Publishers Preservice teachers from Macquarie University were able to create digital lessons in Prowise Presenter based on the many beautiful texts that Harper Collins provided for the ELB Content Creation Workshop.

ELB Education organised the Content Creation Workshop for the Preservice teachers who had already participated in the Prowise Presenter 101 course. The participants are the first University students in Australia to be provided with free Prowise Presenter Accounts for the duration of their degree courses. They will be able to create digital lessons in Prowise Presenter which they can save to their accounts and use during their practicums.

This is an opportunity that Prowise Netherlands has made available for any Preservice teacher in Australia. Macquarie University’s Department of Education Studies saw the benefit of this offer and set up accounts for their Preservice teachers. They saw the advantage of Prowise Presenter being cloud- based and deployable on any device, interactive white board or interactive flat panel that the students might encounter on their practicums.

Like all educational technologies it is important to learn how it can be successfully used in the classroom and so the Preservice teachers have been participating in Professional Learning with the ELB Team. The ELB Training Manager, an experienced classroom teacher herself demonstrated all the features of the software and acted as a coach to the new teachers in designing highly engaging lessons.

When the Education Manager at Harper Collins heard that they would be creating content to share with other Australian teachers she was keen for them to use Australian literature texts. The students therefore had access to some of the best Australian authors and illustrators including Jackie French, Libby Hathorn and Bruce Watterly

From their syllabuses the Preservice teachers identified the outcomes they wanted to address and the appropriate approach to the text. Using the Prowise Presenter software they were able to craft lesson sequences, aligning them to the syllabus and developing a range of activities for their students. They could also access the Harper Collins’ and authors’ websites and link these to the lessons.

They were able to design the learning for their students creating collaborative activities and modelling specific text features. The Preservice teachers were asked to share their content with the ever increasing community of Australian teachers creating Prowise lessons.

The Global Community of Prowise teachers has now uploaded more than 1,000, 000 teaching resources as well for teachers to access. Teachers can also use the galleries that are part of Prowise Presenter, their own files and photos or simply search and bring videos and images from YouTube.

The quality of the learning that these  teachers will be able to bring to the classroom has been enhanced through the Content Creation workshop and having access to outstanding literature texts. To learn more about free Prowise Presenter accounts or participating in a Content Creation Workshops contact as at training@elb.com.au





Check out the latest version of Prowise!


Australian educators will have immediate access to the latest version of Prowise Presenter  just released. Unlike other interactive white board software Prowise Presenter is cloud based and automatically updates to the latest version and stores  files. This is very efficient, saving teachers hours of time with version control and upgrading their content.

Prowise Presenter also increases teacher mobility  no longer tethered to one type of IWB, interactive projector or device.Whilst some states in Australia standardised on a particular IWB, other jurisdictions did not and in many schools there can be multiple brands of IWBs. The benefit of using Prowise Presenter cloud-based software is that teachers can open their digital lessons on any IWB across the school!

Although Prowise Presenter is browser -based, it has a standalone app for PC and Mac. Teachers can then create local files when they are not connected to the internet. It also comes with an inbuilt set of annotation tools – including desktop capture. Download the desktop app here.

There are also Presenter and ProConnect apps available for iOS and Android. If teachers already have these apps they will need to update them before they can use them with the new Presenter. Download the apps here.

The new Presenter has exciting tools. The Mindmapping tool, Open Memory, Find a Word and CodeWise. CodeWise is very easy to use and is a simple way for students to begin to understand coding!


One of the standout aspects of Prowise is the ProConnect feature built into Presenter. This allows teachers to share their screens with student devices either through a browser (connect.prowise.com) or via a ProConnect app. Teachers can share their screen with students who can make annotations and send their responses back to the teacher. As a whole class they can collaborate and interact with these responses. There are also built-in quizzes and polling tools.

Now using ProConnect, the Mindmapping tool becomes “live” with students connecting via their devices. Students can suggest words which then appear down the side of the screen. The teacher can then drag them onto the Mindmap, enabling whole class brainstorming.

Teachers can access Prowise Presenter for free and create lessons. However to get the full value of Prowise Presenter and be able to store all their lessons and use ProConnect it’s best to for teachers to have a licence.

Teachers will then be given storage capacity for their lessons which they can now link with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Files can also be saved locally if they prefer. Because files and data are stored in the cloud, privacy and data security is also important. Prowise has a strict privacy standard which has been upgraded so that it meets the highest international standards. https://www.prowise.com/discover-and-learn/

Prowise Presenter is very easy to use but if teachers would like training Electroboard Education is a BOSTES endorsed provider delivering accredited professional development for the AITSL standards on how to use Prowise Presenter and ProConnect with BYOD devices in the classroom.https://www.education.electroboard.com.au/training

Prowise Meets Innovative Australian Educators


During a recent visit to Australia Martin de Fockert International Channel Manager for Prowise met with a number of Australian National Galleries, Libraries, Museums, schools and universities.

Schools in Sydney including the NSWDEC latest high school Cammeraygal were delighted to meet Martin to show him how the Prowise interactive panels were installed in their newest learning spaces.

Barker Junior School also escorted Martin around their recently built campus. Martin was escorted through the imaginative and creative 21st century learning spaces  in which  he saw the students using their BYOD devices.

Barker college

He also attended the Macquarie ICT Innovation Centre where three of the latest Prowise interactive flat panels will be installed. Here he engaged in a deep conversation with the Director about teacher professional learning and school planning for a digital world.

He was also able to view the university’s state of the art library and the learning areas for students which include a diverse range of settings where students  work with interactive screens, to collaborate and share content.

Galleries, libraries and museums including the National Portrait Gallery, the Sydney Opera House, and National Australian Museum also met with martin who demonstrated  the benefits of Prowise Presenter cloud-based software. Presenter software is free so cultural institutions can establish accounts for their education teams to create content to share with  schools on any interactive white board or web enable device.

SOH & Prowise

Content providers were also pleased  to understand how they might place their content in the Prowise Gallery as other agencies have done, like NASA and other European Museums. For organisations hoping to share content with schools this is an exciting solution.

Martin was very impressed with the innovative learning spaces and creative cultural institutions he met and how Prowise can support the 21st century learning being embraced in Australia.

ELECTROBOARD Solutions brings Prowise to Australia


Prowise a company based in the Netherlands. Prowise products are currently used by many countries in Europe including those identified by the OECD’s report “Measuring Innovation in Education” as having the most innovative education systems.

Prowise provides both hardware and software to support European educators “Teach by inspiration”. The company has developed a range of interactive flat panels for the pedagogical requirements of teachers. The panels can be fixed or mobile units which come with a bespoke lift and trolley enabling  teachers to use the panel in a range of modes. The interactive panel can be moved around the learning space for whole class, guided activities or small group collaboration. With a push of a button the interactive panel can be laid flat becoming a collaborative table. Teachers therefore have the benefit of different ways to enhance learning using the one interactive flat panel.

Prowise Presenter software supports the hardware as well as any digital screen across the school and is FREE. Prowise Presenter has built-in tools and thousands of free lessons developed by teachers making working with a digital screen easier and more innovative. The software has a comprehensive range of professional instructional tools, which teachers can combine to translate their knowledge into exciting and effective lessons. Most importantly Prowise Presenter Is screen- independent cloud software that teachers can access from anywhere on any type of laptop, tablet, iPad, PC or digital screen at home or at school.

The fact that Prowise software is cloud based means that schools no longer have to store content locally and install complex software onto their devices. As schools increasingly adopt BYOD, or BYOT finding software that can be used on all devices and which teachers can seamlessly use from the classroom to the home is very important. Software like this can provide significant benefits to teachers in terms of efficiency and enabling effective collaboration.

 Prowise ProConnect also comes as part of the software and is a solution for interaction between “any device” and “any digital screen”. Prowise ProConnect includes the following functions:

  • Send screen
  • Vote
  • Competition
  • Collaborate
  • ProQuiz

It is the perfect solution for interacting with the digital screen. At home at schools on an interactive whiteboard, laptop or tablet or iPad, ProConnect works anywhere and everywhere where there is an internet connection.

Prowise makes it easy for teachers to create powerful lessons. If you are interested in finding out more about Prowise in Australia please contact your ELECTROBOARD Education Consultant or email education@electroboard.com.au

It’s “All About Eggs”!

“All About Eggs” is an exciting new interactive video conference event focusing on science and sustainability. The event has been extremely popular. Last week 9 schools from across Australia registered and over 200 kindergarten students learned where their food and fibre comes from through fun and engaging curriculum-linked modules. Students were mesmerised as fluffy 2-3 day old chicks appeared on their screens.

The purpose of these events is to create links between primary producers and children and to increase the students’ knowledge of how food arrives on their table. During the video conference event students learned about the places where people live and belong. They learned about children living on farms and the important daily roles they play. Using fun, hands-on interactive whiteboard games they were able to identify familiar features on a farm and why egg farms are important to people. The video conference event has captivated young learners.

Melissa Moore, from Kimberlin Education has led these events for Kindergarten and Year 1 students with further events planned up to Year 6. She displayed, for instance, a collection of eggs from different birds including an emu. She also showed the students an incubator with different types of chickens. Using a range of technologies to engage students, she used a document camera to focus on specific features of the chicks. She shared digital learning content with all the schools via their interactive white boards opening, for example a quiz on their IWBs and providing the opportunity for each school to answer questions. By providing such high quality digital learning content on-line teachers are able to follow up after the video conferencing events and students can access the resources from home.

Throughout the video conference the interactions were powerful. The students were very keen asking high level questions, responding appropriately to the quizzes and demonstrating their familiarity with the technology and VC protocols.

The benefit of video conferencing with schools in this way is that it enables content providers to interact with so many schools across Australia extending their reach to larger numbers of students. Organisations using a “face to face“ model, would not be able to interact with so many schools in just one hour.

To find out more or to participate in this event register here: https://www.seeshareshape.com.au/share/VC/virtualexcursions.aspx

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