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STEMWise PDMeet @ Blacktown South!



Teachers from Blacktown South participated in a STEMWise PDMeet delivered by the ELB Education team. Blacktown South Public School has already embraced Prowise interactive flat panels with leading staff demonstrating the effective use of the Prowise Presenter cloud-based lesson creation software in the classroom.

The ELB team worked with the Principal, Andrew Bowmer and Lead Teacher IT Coordinator Michelle Cremona to design the STEMWise PDMeet which provided a range of break-out workshops to support teachers in their use of the Prowise interactive flat-panels and associated Prowise Presenter software across a range of devices in the classroom. Teachers familiar with interactive teaching software and the use of Presenter had the opportunity to develop their skills in teaching coding and robotics at age-appropriate levels for their students.

For instance teachers also learned how the SPRK+ Sphero robot can be the next step from using CodeWise in the Presenter software to programming a robot. Teachers loved the hands on component of the PDMeet learning to code and learning how to introduce robots into the curriculum

Teachers joined workshops of their choice including:


  • Coding and Robotics for Stages 2&3
  • CodeWise for Stages 1&2
  • Prowise Presenter for Stages 2&3
  • Prowise Presenter for Stages 1&2


The STEMWise PDmeet saw all participants receive BOSTES accreditation at Proficient Teacher status and a certificate for their portfolio as the ELB Academy is a BOSTES endorsed provider of accredited teacher professional development, with all courses recognised for their high standard and high value to teachers, schools and ultimately the students.

The activity-based nature of the workshops and the immediate links to the teachers’ curriculum ensured that teachers were engaged. One teacher’s feedback indicating that it was one of the best PD events she had experienced. If you would like to host a STEMWise PDMeet at you school please contact our ELB Academy Team at training@elb.com.au


Life Education Pilots Prowise with Schools

 healthy-haroldLife Education has been piloting digital content developed in Prowise Presenter and video conferencing to deliver their outstanding health programs to students.

Using video conferencing technology and Prowise interactive flat panels the team from Life Education was able to engage students from Hillview Primary School in Tamworth and La Perouse Primary School in Sydney. Students of any age love Healthy Harold and he was able to appear in the session to motivate them to be active and to eat well.

This is a new way for Life Education to deliver their programs. The fact that the presenter was able to work with two schools simultaneously and for students in NSW to view their peers and share learning added a deeper significance to the session.

Life Education has developed high quality animations of Healthy Harold which their team had embedded in their Prowise Presenter lessons. This means they can be displayed on any web enabled device so the students have an opportunity to interact with the content in their own classrooms.

In the classroom the students can view the high quality animations, interact with content as well as see Healthy Harold “talking” to them via video conference. ”It’s like watching TV but better because you can talk to your favourite characters.”

This is the second pilot undertaken by Life Education to understand the effect of delivering education programs in this way and the team will evaluate its success. The schools were very positive one teacher saying that the students were focussed for the whole session.

All teachers can access Prowise presenter for FREE. To find out more about how it can support teaching and learning in your school learn more here https://www.education.electroboard.com.au/products/software



Maker Spaces Plus Prowise

maker-spaceThe Maker Movement is transforming learning in our schools. The Maker Movement, provides a flexible model for exploring how schools can better cultivate the interplay between student interests, peer culture, digital tools and academic success. It reimages schools as maker-centered environments with the assumption that everyone is a maker. The ultimate objective is that, with the right tools and connections, young people can develop the literacies to remake our world into a more democratic, equitable and humane place.

The Maker Movement, has embraced the research from Connected Learning focusing on how to optimize the passions associated with students’ informal learning ie the learning they experience outside of school with the formal learning they experience within school. In most research regarding effective pedagogy eg the Quality Teaching Framework, which identifies the dimension of “significance’ there is an emphasis on the importance of finding the intersections between young peoples’ interests and the mandated curriculum. Importantly students develop academic pursuits when classroom content connects to their passions.

Connected Learning was the basis of the Connected Learning Program in NSW which supported schools to connect students to real world experts from Galleries, Libraries and Museums via video conferencing and enable them to access and create high quality digital content.

Connected Classrooms can now be transformed into Maker Spaces where students actively make content, create products, invent processes, and propose new ideas. Students can be provided with places in the classroom and links to the community both off and online to engage with people who share their passions. They can have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions towards personally relevant issues, ideas, people and interests.

With Connected Learning and within Maker Spaces making, producing, experimenting, designing and building are present both physically and online, in and outside of the classroom .The resources for making should be distributed throughout the school, home and community settings. EdTech solutions can  also provide ways for students to connect beyond the walls of the classroom and to engage with experts in the fields of their passions.

The Prowise Solution supports Connected Learning and the creation of Maker Spaces. When you add Coding ,Robotics and 3D Printing you are giving students the tools to be creators and to follow their passions.

To support young makers, teachers should:

  1. Regularly engage students in making, sharing, collaborating and reflecting eg Use Prowise Presenter to create lessons which can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device.
  2. Give feedback often to help students remake and reiterate content-specific products, processes and knowledge. E.g. using Prowise Connect teachers can readily provide feedback on the fly.
  3. Encourage students to better the lives of their peers, school and community.
  4. Play multiple roles: engaged co-creator, mentor, problem-solver, activist or networker who brings the right people and tools together.

For more information  on how we can assist you to create a Maker Space contact our Education Consultants.

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