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It’s About BETT!


It’s great to access BETT via their blog and twitter feeds to see what has interested participants this year. The chat about the benefits of “flipped classrooms” has been lively and how to ensure that students do watch the video or read the on-line text before coming to the classroom remains an interesting debate.

How to engage learners in the digital age is an important question all good teachers ask. There are no simple answers but what we do know is that students in the 21st century like to utilise technology for learning.  In every classroom there are “creative producers”,” communicators” and “information gatherers” who use digital technologies to collaborate and connect with their world.

Globally school leaders have been creating collaborative learning spaces to provide their students with access to technologies.  Speakers at the BETT School Leaders Summit described how this is being implemented in their schools http://edcompassblog.smarttech.com/archives/10196 .

Specific technologies are  also being designed to help create collaborative learning spaces. Today at BETT SMART Technologies launched the new SMART Table which is  a collaborative learning centre allowing students to interact with activities on a multi-touch surface. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h1p53Ul1vs&feature=youtu.be

Students do like their teachers to step into their world and utilise these technologies. By supporting teachers to engage students through new pedagogies, providing them with new tools and learning environments we will transform learning for the digital age.


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