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Once a school term ELECTROBOARD Solutions delivers to 27,000 educators our newsletter providing them with information about how technology is enhancing learning across Australia and New Zealand.

This current newsletter particularly focuses on the latest software from SMART Technologies which will assist teachers to support their students engage in collaborative learning and collaborative problem solving. SMART Notebook software is continually evolving to meet 21st Century learning needs and as a lesson creation platform it has enabled teachers to produce high quality interactive digital content. 

Many content providers are now able to see the benefits of creating digital content for schools using SMART Notebook. They understand for instance, the power of 3D content and “augmented reality” which enables students to engage with content in a more realistic way.  Students can manipulate objects on the SMART Board to see how they appear in the real world rather than the 2 dimensional illustrations found in text books.

Continually improving, SMART has also embedded the Response VE tool into SMART Notebook software. This means that teachers can engage in “assessment for learning” at the point of need to gauge student’s understanding. They can create pre and post- tests of student knowledge and gain important insights into the learning needs of their students.

Recently SMART amp has been developed to enable students to work in collaboration. Collaboration and collaborative problem solving are both critical 21st century skills. SMART amp will enable teachers to observe students working collaboratively and to understand the level of their participation. Using SMART amp teachers will be able to guide students through problem solving processes such as planning and observe data and information sharing between groups.

Our newsletter also encourages teachers to engage in virtual excursions using a range of technologies especially video conferencing where students can collaborate and create knowledge with students and experts beyond their classrooms.

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