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Victorian Schools use VC to Learn Chinese

My Chinese Teacher


This week SBS, Luke Waters reported how Victorian public schools have been connecting via video conference to ‘My Chinese Teacher’ a video conferencing program operating in 42 Victorian schools.

The program uses VCme as the solution to connect the schools to their Chinese teachers. Video conferencing in this way, enables the Chinese teachers to show content, with excellent clarity. Students today are used to high quality digital images so it is important that learning through video is of high quality.

“The Co-founder of the program and owner of the company ‘My Education Group’, Tom Shugg, said he had noticed regional primary schools suffering from chronic language teacher shortages and poor resources.

“If they’re beyond 20-kilometres outside of a capital city, they typically can’t find a language teacher, or if they are able to find a language teacher that would really struggle to retain them.”

Using the high quality video conferencing system rolled out by the Victorian Department of Education students up to grade-six can now connect for lessons with their Chinese teachers.

Using the capacity of the video conferencing camera the Chinese teachers can direct the camera out the window looking out over Beijing. This way the students in rural Victoria have an eye witness view of the traffic, buildings and environment of modern China.

“Underbool Primary School Principal Rebecca Prentice says one of the major benefits is the bond the school has developed with their “other” teacher.

“It’s phenomenal. They just love looking out the window, they love asking her personal questions family questions, how different it is, the food,” she says.

Technology and education expert Dr Suelette Dreyfus from the University of Melbourne says that’s one of the main advantages of this interactive program… providing  “live language and a live culture”.

Video conferencing with native speakers of any language is a great benefit for any student learning a language. For information about how your school can utilise the benefits of  video conferencing go to https://www.education.electroboard.com.au/events/VideoConferenceEvents



Make Your Chinese Words Instruction Interesting on SMARTBoard

Learning structures of Chinese characters is one of the critical parts of Chinese language learning. But it can easily end up boring and lacking interactivity with students.  Did you know that the screen capture tool (area capture) in Notebook software can make your lessons more interesting and easier to understand when showing radicals and components of Chinese characters? You could use the capture tool to design interactive word activities as well. 

Your demonstration could be like this:

Structure of Chinese Characters

To make a demo like this, you simply need to use the screen capture, white pen and set picture transparency in the drop-down menu. Here is the step by step tutorial:

  1. Type a Chinese word in black, resize it as needed.  For instance: type “你” (means: you)  in the work area.
  2. Copy and paste “你”, and change the word’s colour into Orange .
  3. Choose white pen to cover the extra parts of characters. (Here I set the background in blue colour, so you could clear see how to colour the words.  Remember to change the background colour back to white after your finish colouring).
  4. Use the area capture tool to get the radical  and the component  separately and choose “set picture transparency” to make the spare areas of the pictures transparent.

5. Regroup the radical and the component together and resize the words as needed.

In addition to the demo of Chinese characters, you could also use the capture skills to make games.  Here is sample activity interactive classroom:

To download these SMART Notebook activities, please visit the interactivewhiteboard.net.au lesson resources section or by clicking here.

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