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270 Preservice Teachers @ Macquarie University access Prowise Presenter!


270 Pre-Service teachers will have access to Prowise Presenter for the duration of their Early Years degree courses at Macquarie University. Today the first two groups were provided with access to their accounts and shown some of the features of the lesson creation software.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the 270 Pre-Service teachers who like all teachers are expected to design digital lessons for teaching and learning. The quality of their lessons will be assessed by their lecturers during the years of their training. The Pre-Service teachers will also want to use their digital lessons during their practicums.

However in the passed the success of using digital lessons  designed during training depended on  a number of conditions eg whether the  educational setting had the same hardware, software, or even the same versions of software. The question of whether the digital lessons could be used on any of the devices at the practicum site usually made the deployment of lessons very difficult.

Prowise Presenter is the perfect solution for Pre-Service teachers. As a cloud-based software there is no installation required, is automatically upgraded and can be used on any device anywhere .These young teachers will be able to use the lessons they have designed on any web-enabled device.

Once they have graduated from Macquarie University they will be able to take their lessons with them to their new place of employment using a variety of options. Prowise Presenter is a powerful tool for all teachers. They can save their digital lessons to a private folder and because it is stored in the cloud they can access their lessons at home or at any education setting on any web enabled device.  If they are working casually across a number of campuses or if there is a sudden room change as long as there is a web-enabled device they will be able to use Prowise Presenter.

Prowise is aware that Pre-Service teachers do not always have access to the latest technology so providing them with a Presenter account they are ensuring that these young teachers can be digital leaders when they participate in their practicums and when they finally graduate.

The Prowise Presenter software enables teachers to link to websites, YouTube videos and galleries of content. Teachers can also save their resources to the Global Community and Prowise currently has over 1,000,000 resources saved globally for teachers to access. There are games for learning, tools for assessment and for teaching coding.

These teachers will also have access to ProConnect another very  important element of the software which enables them to share their screens with any BYOD device in the classroom. Students can then interact with the content and re-share to the teachers ‘interactive screen their answers and ideas for collaboration.

Learn more about Prowise Presenter here www.education.electroboard.com.au


Prowise Netherlands visits Australia!

PW Visit-Goodstart

Erik Neeskens (Co-Founder/ Sales Director), Michael Ahrens (Co-Founder/ Technology Director) and Martin de Fockert (International Channel Manager) recently made a trip down under to work with ELB and understand more about the Australian educational context and how to meet the needs of Australian educators.

During their time in Australia the team visited an early child hood centre,  high school and university to better understand these sectors and how  Prowise products and services can be enhanced for Australian education.

The team accompanied by the ELB Education group  visited the GoodStart Early Learning Centre, the first of one hundred centres nationally to have Prowise interactive flat panels installed. Part of their concept is for ELB to provide accredited training across all their sites for  Early Years educators who can participate in content creation workshops and develop  digital resources using Prowise Presenter for early childhood learners.

ELB Education has already developed some content for this age group aligned to the Australian Early Learning Framework. The resources based on the concrete materials which are  part of the play-based curriculum essential for early years  are freely available on our website or through the Prowise Presenter community. https://www.education.electroboard.com.au/resources

The Prowise  Netherlands team also visited Cammeragal High school, one of the first schools in Australia to install Prowise interactive flat panels. The team discussed the interactive flat panel’s effectiveness with the staff and students at the high school. Students were very positive about the interactive flat panels, particularly “the clarity of the image and the sound quality”.

Together with members of the staff, ELB Training Manager, Lindsey Davies, discussed the tools that Prowise Presenter provides for STEAM education. The school plans for the staff to undertake further training in the use of Prowise Presenter and ProConnect which will enable teachers to engage with their students’ BYOD technology by sharing their screens for assessment and collaboration activities.

The Netherlands team also visited Macquarie University, Faculty of Human Sciences – Teacher Training Facility. Lecturers and IT leaders here are looking to upgrade their technology to ensure that it reflects “what is happening in schools and to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology”.

Prowise has a program for providing free access to  Presenter software for Pre-service teachers. This is a great bonus for new educators who can develop digital units of work and use them throughout their course and importantly in whatever school context they are assigned for their practicum. Prowise Presenter is cloud-based software and can be used with any platform ensuring that the effort teachers put into their learning design can be utilised in any web enabled education context .

Pre-service teachers can also contribute to the community of content designed for the Australian Curriculum or the Global community where more than 1 million resources have been saved.

The team from the Netherlands was very impressed with the quality of the training resources and learning content developed by ELB Education Australia. The professional development eBook and learning resources developed by the Training Manager and team displayed a high level of quality and pedagogical skill. To learn more about these resources,  the  ELB Academy and our accredited courses go here: https://www.education.electroboard.com.au/training


Check out the latest version of Prowise!


Australian educators will have immediate access to the latest version of Prowise Presenter  just released. Unlike other interactive white board software Prowise Presenter is cloud based and automatically updates to the latest version and stores  files. This is very efficient, saving teachers hours of time with version control and upgrading their content.

Prowise Presenter also increases teacher mobility  no longer tethered to one type of IWB, interactive projector or device.Whilst some states in Australia standardised on a particular IWB, other jurisdictions did not and in many schools there can be multiple brands of IWBs. The benefit of using Prowise Presenter cloud-based software is that teachers can open their digital lessons on any IWB across the school!

Although Prowise Presenter is browser -based, it has a standalone app for PC and Mac. Teachers can then create local files when they are not connected to the internet. It also comes with an inbuilt set of annotation tools – including desktop capture. Download the desktop app here.

There are also Presenter and ProConnect apps available for iOS and Android. If teachers already have these apps they will need to update them before they can use them with the new Presenter. Download the apps here.

The new Presenter has exciting tools. The Mindmapping tool, Open Memory, Find a Word and CodeWise. CodeWise is very easy to use and is a simple way for students to begin to understand coding!


One of the standout aspects of Prowise is the ProConnect feature built into Presenter. This allows teachers to share their screens with student devices either through a browser (connect.prowise.com) or via a ProConnect app. Teachers can share their screen with students who can make annotations and send their responses back to the teacher. As a whole class they can collaborate and interact with these responses. There are also built-in quizzes and polling tools.

Now using ProConnect, the Mindmapping tool becomes “live” with students connecting via their devices. Students can suggest words which then appear down the side of the screen. The teacher can then drag them onto the Mindmap, enabling whole class brainstorming.

Teachers can access Prowise Presenter for free and create lessons. However to get the full value of Prowise Presenter and be able to store all their lessons and use ProConnect it’s best to for teachers to have a licence.

Teachers will then be given storage capacity for their lessons which they can now link with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Files can also be saved locally if they prefer. Because files and data are stored in the cloud, privacy and data security is also important. Prowise has a strict privacy standard which has been upgraded so that it meets the highest international standards. https://www.prowise.com/discover-and-learn/

Prowise Presenter is very easy to use but if teachers would like training Electroboard Education is a BOSTES endorsed provider delivering accredited professional development for the AITSL standards on how to use Prowise Presenter and ProConnect with BYOD devices in the classroom.https://www.education.electroboard.com.au/training

Become a 21st century teacher!



In her blog ,Tsisana Palmer describes  15 characteristics of a 21st-century teacher:

  1. Learner-Centered Classroom and Personalized Instructions

When students are allowed to make their own choices, they own their learning, increase intrinsic motivation, and put in more effort — an ideal recipe for better learning outcomes!

  1. Students as Producers

When given a chance, students can produce beautiful and creative blogs, movies, or digital stories that they feel proud of and share with others!

  1. Learn New Technologies

In order to be able to offer students choices, having one’s own hands-on experience and expertise will be useful.

  1. Go Global

Teaching students how to use the tools in their hands to “visit” any corner of this planet will hopefully make us more knowledgeable and sympathetic.

  1. Be Smart and Use Smart Phones

Different students have different needs when it comes to help with new vocabulary or questions; therefore, there is no need to waste time and explain something that perhaps only one or two students would benefit from. Instead, teaching students to be independent and know how to find answers they need [on their own devices] makes the class a different environment!

  1. Blog

Even beginners of English can see the value of writing for real audience and establishing their digital presence.

  1. Go Digital

Sharing links and offering digital discussions as opposed to a constant paper flow allows students to access and share class resources in a more organized fashion.

  1. Collaborate

Technology allows collaboration between teachers and students. Creating digital resources, presentations, and projects together with other educators and students will make classroom activities resemble the real world. Collaboration globally can change our entire experience!

  1. Use Twitter Chat

Share research and ideas, and stay current with issues and updates in the field. .. grow professionally and expand our knowledge.

  1. Connect

Connect with like-minded individuals. Again, today’s tools allow us to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Have a question for an expert or colleague? Simply connect via social media: follow, join, ask, or tell!

  1. Project-Based Learning

Today’s students should develop their own driving questions, conduct their research, contact experts, and create final projects to share all using devices already in their hands. All they need from their teacher is guidance!

  1. Build Your Positive Digital Footprint

Maintaining professional behavior both in class and online will help build positive digital footprint and model appropriate actions for students.

  1. Code

 As a pencil or pen were “the tools” of the 20th-century, making it impossible to picture a teacher not capable to operate with it, today’s teacher must be able to operate with today’s pen and pencil, i.e., computers.

  1. Innovate

Expand your teaching toolbox and try new ways you have not tried before, such as teaching with social media or replacing textbooks with web resources. Not for the sake of tools but for the sake of students!

  1. Keep Learning

As new ways and new technology keep emerging, learning and adapting is essential. The good news is: it’s fun, and even 20 min a day will take you a long way!

At ELECTROBOARD Education we can help you! Connect, collaborate and Go Global with our video conferencing events.  Many of them are project based and require students to be producers of digital content.

Our website has examples of digital content for you to use in your classroom. These lessons have been developed in Prowise Presenter an innovative cloud based software that will help you connect  with your students on any device.

Our Training Academy provides PD for  teachers  to learn new  technologies for the classroom. Contact your Education Consultant for support to become a 21st century teacher!

Educational achievement is lifted through collaboration

Learning space

A Research Report The Shared work of learning: Lifting educational achievement through collaboration, http://www.mitchellinstitute.org.au/reports/the-shared-work-of-learning/

written by Tom Bentley and Ciannon Cazaly  was  published by the Mitchell Institute. The Mitchell Institute is an independent thinktank that works to improve the connection between evidence and public policy reform.

The report defines collaboration as “the sharing of effort, knowledge and resources in the pursuit of shared goals – is created through a wide range of flexible, trust-based relationships.”

Using a case study methodology a number of high impact schools featured in this research who:

  • actively seek connections and resources that create value for students;
  • develop ‘local learning systems’ to translate connections and resources into concrete actions; and
  • apply a consistent rationale, focused on student learning, to choose and priorities collaborative projects and relationships

The researchers define seven key features of collaboration for learning which explain the positive impact of collaboration.

  1. Shared purpose: The strength of commitment to student learning is a distinguishing feature in case study schools.
  2. Combining longevity and energy in staffing: All case study schools showed a distinctive combination of long-serving senior teachers with younger, newer staff.
  3. Collaborative leadership: Schools displayed sustained leadership commitment to growing collaboration in ways that further a coherent direction for schools and communities.
  4. Community trust, professional trust: All sites invested significant time in building trust and social capital among both professionals and their wider communities.
  5. Drawing on external expertise: All the case study schools reached out to find and draw on specialist knowledge to build up the skills and effectiveness of their own teams.
  6. Permeable boundaries: Schools maintained clear structures and routines that were also open to wider ideas, people and contributions.
  7. Co-evolution of wellbeing and attainment: All case study schools work to create a positive long term relationship between wellbeing and attainment.

There are many technologies which can assist in increasing the capabilities of schools to collaborate.

At the student level, for instance it is possible for teachers to use project based learning and collaborative learning projects to engage students. Using Google docs, social networking tools and learning management systems students can collaborate to solve problems. They can also use gaming technologies such as Minecraft.

In a classroom context teachers can share their desk tops for collaboration using tools such as Prowise Connect which enables teachers to share their screens with any BYOD student device.

Using video conferencing teachers can also  break down the walls  or  create  permeable  boundaries  drawing on  external  expertise by accessing  for instance cultural institutions such as the Sydney Opera House, the Australian Museum, Questacon , the Australian Centre for Moving Image and the Great Barrier Reef.

At the teacher level using social networking tools like Twitter teachers can create a PLN (professional learning network) where they can collaborate with educational academics and influencers nationally and globally. At the school level, using IRIS Connect the 21st century professional development system teachers can video their practice, and share the video with peers to improve student achievement.

Teachers can build a community of professional trust. Experienced teachers can mentor inexperienced teachers with IRIS Connect as the videos of practice can be shared and observed. Experienced teachers can also provide in -ear coaching. A shared library of best practices can be created as an evidence based for teachers to use to improve student achievement.

ELECTROBOARD Education to launch in 2015

EE website 2

In 2015 teachers across Australia will be able to access our services from our new website. Our services were previously provided via our website www.seeshareshape which will be redesigned and launched as ELECTROBOARD Education to make it easier  to access:

  • Our resources
  • Our events
  • Our training
  • Our products

ELECTROBOARD has been responsible for training thousands of Australian teachers to use technologies such as Apple iPads, interactive whiteboards and video conferencing effectively in the classroom. We have developed digital teaching resources, accredited training courses and a calendar of video conferencing events aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the Australian Professional  Teaching Standards. We have provided face-to-face training, webinars, master classes and conferences to build the capacity of Australian teachers to use technology in their classrooms.

Our Video Conferencing Events Program partners with some of Australia’s most prestigious institutions such as the Sydney Opera House, the Australian Centre of Moving Image, the National Film and Sound Archive, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, the National Maritime Museum and Musica Viva. We have worked with leading children’s authors such the Australian Children’s Laureate, Jackie French and Libby Hathorn and content providers such as the NRL, Fizzics Education to bring expertise into classrooms across the nation.

In 2015, we will continue to distribute our termly newsletter https://www.seeshareshape.com.au/see/newsletter.aspx

and Connect Me to more than 28,000 educators rebadged to reflect ELECTROBOARD Education and to assist teachers to register for video conference events or professional development activities. Our VC Events Calendar will also be upgraded to make it easier for teachers to search for VC events and virtual excursions. In 2014 more than 15,000 students attended our events and we look forward to more participating in in 2015.

ELECTROBOARD will continue to bring to schools the best of breed technologies to support quality teaching in the classroom. We are proud to have brought to Australia this year the Magic Planet, Prowise and Arrive technologies which enable new ways to view and share digital content, collaborate and use cloud based technologies. Our new ELECTROBOARD Education website will include a Product section to keep educators abreast of latest technologies and case studies of how they are being used in 21st century learning spaces.

Our social media presence including, this blog, FaceBook, Pinterest and Twitter will also be upgraded, so stay tuned for all these exciting changes in 2015!

Prowise is customised for Australian educators

Global Prowsie

Last week the Prowise team came to Australia to ensure that Prowise Presenter will be an efficient tool for Australian educators. As a cloud based software the Prowise team have now established an “ Australia cloud” so that teachers here can be sure that their lessons will be securely stored in Australia.

The team also built a number of bespoke tools for the Australian curriculum and developed content especially for Australian classrooms. There are many areas of the curriculum such as currency, sporting activities, flora and fauna, maps that have to be customised for Australia. The software also has access to rich content from European cultural institutions eg European artworks can be richly displayed on the Prowise interactive panel .

The Prowise interactive panel is also a powerful way to display video content. The panels have excellent speakers and as teachers readily use YouTube and video content to explain concepts and provide real world contexts these multi- media experiences are truly enhanced with this technology.

As educators are now using games for learning teachers will find  that the expanding set of games in Prowise Connect will engage their students. In BYOT settings students can use any  web enabled technology they have brought to the classroom to interact together with the Prowise games.

Whilst Prowise has gone global the Prowise Team will continue to innovate and enhance the content and tools as requested by the Australian teaching community thus giving Australian teachers a rich selection of content and interactive tools.

For more information contact your Education Consultant or read our latest newsletter https://www.seeshareshape.com.au/see/newsletter.aspx

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