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Collaborative Learning with the new SMART Table


The University of Newcastle (UK) has carried out the first –ever study of interactive tables in the classroom to understand their benefits for teaching and learning. The study led by Dr Ahmed Kharrufa found like other studies of the use of technology in the classroom, that to make full use of their capabilities the “technology would need to be fully embraced by teachers”.

 “ Collaborative learning is increasingly considered to be a key skill and these devices will enable teachers and students to run group sessions in a new and interesting ways “.

“ Interactive tables have the potential to be an exciting new way of learning in the classroom”.




The new SMART Table http://smarttech.com/table has just arrived in Australia!  Described as a collaborative learning centre it enables small-group collaboration, through its multi-touch surface. allowing all students to participate including students with wheelchairs. Teachers  can also create their own content and design new learning activities.

To find out more  contact J.Schultz@electroboard.com.au or J.Wood@electroboard.com.au







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