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IMS Learning Impact Award Winners Shine on Prowise!

Sue and Lap#3

In Melbourne the National Schools Interoperability Program and Education Services Australia hosted the Education and Technology Forum. http://www.nsip.edu.au/education-and-technology-forum-program-%E2%80%93-25-november-2014

The Forum focussed on major areas for Australian jurisdictions identified in the NMC Horizon 2014 K-12 edition, such as learning analytics. The forum followed two streams, Learning and Teaching and Data Mobility. The Learning and Teaching stream was facilitated by Sandra Milligan, from the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education and the Data Mobility stream was Chaired by Peter Croger, the Principal at Croger Associates.

As part of the Forum Program, Dennis Macnamara hosted the Australasian Regional Finals for the IMS Learning Impact Awards. Rob Abel, from the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Chaired the panel of judges. The 13 Australian finalists presented a synopsis of their project to the Forum and described the impacts on student learning.

At the end of the Forum, the winners were announced and Makers Empire, was selected in third place by the judges and first place as the People’s Choice. This means Makers Empire will represent Australia in the Global Impact Awards to be held in Atlanta in 2015. http://lili15.imsglobal.org/awards.html

Makers Empire https://www.makersempire.com/ who have previously participated in our VC Events Program were  then in NSW, working with St Ignatius College and  the Scots College. Makers Empire shared with the ELECTROBOARD Education Team the enhancements to their app on the new Prowise 84HD interactive panel which has just arrived in Australia!

It was an exciting demonstration of the power of Makers Empire showing how students can design in 3D on their iPads, personalise their creations and print them using a 3D printer. With the addition of the Prowise interactive panel in a classroom  students could view these designs as a whole class.  Next using their 3D characters and their iPads the students could create a digital story and share the story with the whole class on the interactive flat panel. For more information about integrating these technologies in your school or classroom contact your ELECTROBOARD Education Consultant.


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