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A new US survey reported in “eSchoolNews” indicates the success of one-to-one mobile technology implementations.



” Administrators and educators tout mobile devices’ benefits, and the biggest benefits as identified by survey participants are the engaging nature of such devices, as well as their ability to support personalized instruction that caters to students’ different learning styles and needs.”

However the report also indicates that,” district educators and technology leaders said that mobile technology helps make learning engaging and personalized, but that mobile device management issues persist, as well as the need for ongoing and targeted professional development and implementation support for teachers.”

 Teachers need professional development in the effective use of mobile technologies. “Survey participants said they most want digital textbooks, student productivity tools, and creation tools”.

In Australia we have also identified similar needs.  As a member of the Apple Consultants Network and endorsed providers of professional development in NSW and Victoria, ELECTROBOARD Solutions Training Academy can assist schools with their mobile technology implementation and their professional development needs.

To support teachers we provide customised training sessions and a range of courses including:

  • Moviemaking with the iPad
  • Augmented Reality and iPads
  • Creating Explanations and Tutorials using Screencasting Apps
  • Collaboration and Visual Thinking Tools
  • iPads and Spelling
  • iPads and Literacy Groups
  • iPads in Special Education
  • Using iPads for Persuasive Writing
  • iPads and Numeracy
  • iTunes U- Designing Learning Materials for the iPad
  • Creating Animations with the iPad
  • Using iPads in Secondary PDHPE
  • Using iPads in Secondary English

For further information email: training@electroboard.com.au



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