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SMART amp Global Launch



On May 7 in New York, SMART Technologies launched the new SMART amp collaborative learning software.


 The launch demonstrated how students across Northern America from RPRY School of Edison, New Jersey to San Elijo Middle School in San Diego, California could collaborate on projects and content. They collaborated remotely in real time on SMART Board interactive whiteboards, mobile devices and laptops using the just-released SMART amp™ collaborative learning software.

At the launch, a panel of educators, technologists and digital media thinkers explored the growing importance of collaboration in education and the role of technology as an enabler. Clay Shirky, Associate Professor at New York University panel member stated that,  “The ability to distribute collaboration over large areas is one of the characteristics of this new era.”

In Australia ELECTROBOARD’s education team has been learning about the benefits of this new software and sharing it with technology and educational leaders at the recent AIS ICT Conference in Canberra.

These leaders were very interested in the potential of this software, to build a bridge with BYOD. Many of these schools have SMART Boards in every classroom and their students all have Apple iPads. With a greater emphasis on project based learning and personalised learning  in their schools these educational leaders are now wanting a way for their teachers to be mobile around the classroom and to connect to the SMART Board  from anywhere in the learning space for modelling and collaborating.  They wanted to understand how SMART amp will facilitate this kind of learning and in terms of the SAMR model move their teaching staff towards redefinition.

 Teachers were also interested in the idea that the learning gains or knowledge creation which occurred at school could then be enhanced at home through the seamless transfer of the virtual learning space.

 “Currently I cobble together a patchwork of products and web.2 tools to achieve this but each requires a log in , or changing file formats and takes up my time.  If I can do everything in SMART that would be amazing!”

To help Australian schools understand  the benefits of this new software we will provide a range of  Live webinars for schools. Learn more at:


As part of our next Digital Users Groups teachers can find out more about SMART amp:


and by attending our Festivals of Learning :





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