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Apple iPads in the Classroom



This week’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald  indicated that schools were purchasing “significant” numbers of Apple iPads without any real idea of their true value to the classroom”. This was also reflected in conversations that we had with jurisdictional leads in the United States at the recent ISTE Conference in San Diego.  However The Mobile Learning Centre at the Conference provided workshops for teachers on apps that had been “curated” by teachers from both primary and secondary settings. So whilst it is true that schools are purchasing  iPads in the US and Australia there is also considerable effort across these two countries to identify practices which go beyond ” drill and skill’ apps.

This is reflected by the teachers our Education Consultants work with across Australia. Teachers are keen to understand how they can use Apple iPads in conjunction with their SMART Boards to broaden the range of pedagogical practices in their classrooms. Teachers are using their SMART Boards for modelling, group collaboration and student demonstrations of new knowledge. Depending on how many Apple iPads they have in the classroom they are using their iPads for small group activities and personalised learning (as per our video case study on our YouTube channel). The two technologies provide teachers and students with a rich array of content and tools for learning.

To assist schools and teachers we have developed accredited courses delivered by our Training Academy in utilising Apple iPads to foster higher order skills aligned to Blooms Taxonomy. Our courses have been developed through implementing “student iPad workshops” in classrooms to observe the way a selection of “curated’ apps are utilised to enhance student learning.

For further information go to the Training Academy section of our site www.seeshareshape.com.au


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