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VC Events at Sydney Opera House Amazing!

VCCapture-SOH3 (4)

I am just watching the Sydney Opera House and schools in Victoria  – Winters Flat PS and Lake Boga PS. The Opera House presenter started their ‘significant Australian places’ session outside in the forecourt and showed the Harbour Bridge, and the outside of the Opera House and talked about the tiles, etc. Live from outside and fully interactive with students in the classroom. Amazing stuff!

(Nathan Beveridge Education Consultant QLD)


As the end of  the 2015 school year approaches we have looked back at our video conferencing events to see how many schools have participated and how this is changing across Australia. This year more than 6500 students from over 330 schools across Australia participated in our events.

Victorian schools increased their participation rates this year to almost equal NSW schools. Many Victorian primary schools  for example saw the benefits of their students attending events such as the Sydney Opera House’s “significant Australian places session”.


This year we also saw an increase in the number of Catholic schools who joined our events. Whilst many schools  now have  video conferencing equipment they need to be supported to understand the use of video conferencing for student learning.

ELECTROBOARD Education provides training for teachers and content providers in how to use the technology and how to design events that support the Australian Curriculum.


Hospital schools also joined our events this year as well as an increasing number of  private schools. Whilst Victorian and NSW public schools  have  significantly embraced video conferencing we did see an increase in the number of schools from QLD and Western Australia.


We also saw the number of content providers grow  and many  now have their own equipment to deliver events from their sites.


This year ELECTROBOARD video conference events were provided by:

  • Allen and Unwin
  • EdTV
  • Fizzics Education
  • Harper Collins
  • Kimberlan Education
  • National Maritime Museum
  • National Museum of Australia
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Manly Environment Centre
  • National Rugby League
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Sydney Living Museums
  • Sydney Opera House
  • State Library NSW


This rich array of programs were all designed to support the Australian Curriculum. Our students are very fortunate that these organisations reach out to schools to share their outstanding content and expertise. For more information go to: https://www.education.electroboard.com.au/events/VideoConferenceEventsfind

Find out more about all the opportunities for VC with your school and register for Virtual Education Australia’s ReVEAl Conference.






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