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TeachMeet @The Wharf Theatre


The TeachMeet at The Wharf  Theatre was the latest of a series of four this year.

A perfect site for a focus on English and well-timed with many participants from across NSW in Sydney for HSC marking and able to really enjoy all the ideas that teachers shared.

Ideas such as about how one teacher is using Manga and Anime to teach about the Asian century through analysing these texts.  How another teacher uses Edmodo for a flipped classroom approach enabling anywhere, anytime learning . Or how drama can take students globally using video conferencing or how innovating on fairy stories ie “Fractured Fairy Tales” drama can deeply tap into their creativity.

 It was wonderful to see teachers being rewarded for their commitment by celebrating their work in such an amazing and sophisticated setting.

There is so much teachers can learn from each other about what works and what engages the current generation of students. Teachers need to endlessly connect with each generation of students and to learn new ideas and particularly what technology engages them. When teachers share they create new knowledge and improve the learning environment for students.

It is great for teachers to speak about their practices and be honoured by their peers in such outstanding learning environments. Congratulations to the team of passionate educators who organised these events!



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