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“Magic Planet” Launches in Australia

ELECTROBOARD Solutions hosted the launch of the Magic
Planet by Global Imagination CEO Mike Foody. The Magic Planet
digital video globe is currently used in more than 1500 schools
in China and is part of the recommended classroom equipment
standard in that country.

The Chinese Ministry of Education’s Educational Equipment Research Institute (EERI) has responsibility for evaluating new equipment and technologies, conducting research and evaluating curriculum standards. EERI conducted a study to measure the outcomes of using the Magic Planet digital video globe
for classroom education.
The study found that students:
• displayed significant improvement in comprehensive analysis skills
• demonstrated more interest in the subject matter
• found lessons “easier to understand and grasp”
• were able to partake in teamwork experiences
• demonstrated high study efficiency throughout the whole class
• produced very high test accuracy rate (grade)
• developed initiative and enthusiasm
• experienced the “fun part of seeking knowledge”
Education Managers from many national galleries, libraries and museums attended the
ITEC2014 Conference recently at the Sydney Opera House and were introduced to the Magic Planet and like the educators at the ELECTROBOARD Solutions launch saw its possibilities for teaching:
• Language and religion around the globe
• World agriculture
• Residential areas and the environment
• Day / night cycle
• World history
• Weather

Since these events, content providers, schools and libraries have viewed the Magic Planet and are keen to develop Australian content aligned to the Australian Curriculum. To find out more contact your Education consultant to see for yourself watch:

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