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The Global Education Conference- On now!

The 2010 Global Education Conference is a free, online conference held over the Elluminate! platform and connects educators across the world on E-Learning and education topics. The sessions are held over five days (November 15-19) and led by a huge variety of people- teachers, academics, education specialists, product experts and from a variety of countries. I’ve sat in on a couple of sessions and they have been excellent. The Elluminate! platform is easy to set up and use and works on ‘locked-down’ networks where you don’t have administrator rights. I sat in on an excellent session that explored some fantastic tools for integrating multimedia in lessons and had some great applications for SMART Boards run by Tracy Blazosky in the US. We looked at creating Glogs- online interactive posters (edu.glogster.com) – and integrating these with Google Earth to create topic-based world tours. Her examples were excellent and it was great to be able to ask her questions and hear about what is going on in other classrooms in other parts of the globe- live! I would highly recommend catching a session before the conference finishes, but if you do miss it, all the sessions are recorded. Check it out at www.globaleducationconference.com

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