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“Looking at Classroom Practice”



“Looking at Classroom Practice”


This outstanding document produced by AITSL is a complete guide for Australian schools to establishing effective classroom observation to enhance teaching practice.

“One never learns to teach once and for all. It is a continuous on going process.”

AITSL’s website asks teacher do they” know what their own learning pathway looks like? What does it look like to improve your own classroom practice over time so that you are continually building greater expertise?”

To assist teachers and school leaders in answering this question, AITSL has developed the Classroom Practice Continuum and the supporting resource guide, “Looking at Classroom Practice”. The Classroom Practice Continuum brings the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (309KB PDF) to life by building out the Professional Practice Domain and articulating what teachers at increasing levels of expertise do in the classroom. By demonstrating progression along the Continuum, teachers can see what it looks like to improve their own classroom practice and the consequent impact of this improvement on student learning, student engagement in learning and student wellbeing.

IRIS Connect is very effective tool for schools to assist teachers to progress..


Using IRIS Connect teachers can view their own practice or share it with their colleagues. Peer coaches can observe practice aligned with the professional teaching standards or code practice against models such as the NSW Quality Teaching Framework, or QLDs “Productive Pedagogies”. Schools within their own contexts can create libraries of best practice to demonstrate innovative and effective pedagogical strategies around, literacy, numeracy or ICT. Head teachers or year/stage co-ordinators can provide models of practice for the implementation of new syllabuses.

The document describes some of the major purposes of classroom observation particularly that it allows teachers to accurately describe “quality teaching using a shared and precise language of practice”. The continuum in the document provides a scaffold to support improvement.

“Looking at Classroom Practice” also identifies “videos of practice” as having the advantage of capturing aspects of teaching practice that can:

Be viewed by multiple people or individuals

Be used for self- reflection and collective staff reflection on practice

Be used as evidence of practice in performance and development processes

Be used to train teachers in specific instructional strategies

Be used to train observers in classroom observation for a range of purposes.

IRIS Connect can enable teachers and schools to undertake these practices with ease and now using AITSL’s Continuum assist teachers to progress through the 6 levels.

For more information about IRIS Connect contact t.alfassa@electroboard.com.au






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